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March SM Safari

Hizo-ban Fuzoku Gaho magazine, July 1964
A recent SM Safari yielded the above magazine, the July 1964 issue of Hizo-ban Fuzoku Gaho. I got this at the same place I went to last time.

This is a pretty good mag, especially considering it came out in 1964, the same year as the Tokyo Olympics. I think the best magazines came along in the '70s but I just can't resist some of these more obscure periodicals. This is another one I had never heard of before.

This one is a bit odd in that it gives quite a bit of space to male sub bondage. Then again, it was 1964 so perhaps the relative dearth of SM magazines caused the publisher to cast a wider net.

Most of the photos are in black and white with just a few in color.

Interestingly, there is no artwork from Japanese artists, not even a manga. There is some Western artwork and photos.

My observation has been the further you go back in Japanese media history -- but prior to bumping up against WWII -- the more Western stuff you will find. And the closer you get to the present, the less Western stuff you will find.

The above drawings are credited to "Jay" who, I am reliably informed, worked for Irving Klaw in the 1950s.

And speaking of Klaw, the same source identifies these photos of Bettie Page as being produced by Klaw sometime in the 1950s.

There are more Western photos but I am not reproducing them here with the exception of this short series that appears to be some sort of live SM show. At first I thought this must have taken place in the West, but upon closer inspection I see what appears to be a Japanese salaryman and his wife sitting in the audience.

Strip and whip show at Nichigeki Sun Music Hall

Looks like quite a stage show; she strips while he whips.

And to wrap up this post, a cavalcade of eye candy from the pages of Hizo-ban Fuzoku Gaho.

I'm going to try to get some of these pages translated so you might want to check back here in the near future. I'm especially curious to see if I can find out where that live show took place.

Update 2013/03/18: That strip and whip show with the two Westerners was held at Nichigeki Sun Music Hall. One source says these two are Mr. and Mrs. Maurice from the UK while another identifies the man as P. Morris (Moris?). Hard to know what the correct spelling would be translating from the katakana.

Also, the site Nawa-Art has even more scans of this magazine.

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