Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Long-Forgotten Pink Films from 1967

Onna no Seidan -- Yamabe Pro, 1967
Right up there with SMpedia and Nawapedia is Eigapedia for information on long-forgotten early pink films.

I came across two such films there recently. The one above, Onna no Seidan, was one of many produced by Yamabe Pro (J). It came out in 1967, the same year Tani Naomi appeared in her first film.

Not long after her debut, Tani began appearing in SM pink flicks and she eventually teamed up with Yamabe Nobuo both personally and professionally as Yamabe became Tani's husband and manager. That union didn't last and he went on to marry Azuma Terumi, a model and actress who co-starred with Tani in Wife to Be Sacrificed.

Azuma Terumi
The other film is Akai Niku (Red Flesh). This one came out on August 20, 1967 and was written by Dan Oniroku. Dan had written other screenplays prior to this under different pen names. This film was also produced by Yamabe Pro and it was distributed by Okura.

Red Flesh -- Yamabe Pro, 1967
For more information on these and many other Japanese films, check out Eigapedia. 

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