Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunday SM Safari

Photo Rope and Woman, Misaki Shobo, 1970
My Photo Safari turned into a regular old SM Safari this past Sunday when I happened upon a cool used bookstore in a town a few stations down the tracks from where I live.

They had tons of old magazines, including old movie magazines. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any issues of Seijin Eiga (Adult Movies), but apparently that mag is pretty hard to come by.

The reason that Seijin Eiga is important is that it may provide info on some lost SM pink films. For example, at this late date, it is difficult to pin down titles to films  produced by Oni Pro, the organization set up by Dan Oniroku.

The store had a nice selection of SM mags, not huge but not bad, either. They had some issues of SM King (Dan Oniroku's magazine) and Uramado (founded by Minomura Ko).

They also had some interesting titles I had never seen before. One was so thick it  probably falls into the mook category. I didn't get that one, though. Instead, I got some mags I had seen online whose covers I found intriguing: Spark SM and Punch SM.

Punch SM and Spark SM
Punch SM
These magazines are from the very early '70s. I mainly bought these for the covers. Once inside, the rope work and photos aren't all that inspiring.

I also found this little book (photo at top) that came in a cardboard case called Shashin Nawa to Onna (Photo Rope and Woman). It was published in 1970 by Misaki Shobo and edited by Urado Hiroshi (J). Urado worked as a freelance editor, and was also an editor at Uramado, and was involved with Oni Pro, but is perhaps best known for having tied up numerous starlets, including Tani Naomi, for Nikkatsu SM flicks.

Around 1972, Hayakawa Yoshikazu (J) worked at Misaki Shobo and later became the editor of SM Sniper magazine.

This book is the second in a series. My source informs me that the first one contained artwork. This one is all photos, mostly black and white, although there are three color photos at the beginning.

The photos are reminiscent of those of the magazine Kitan Club.

My source doesn't believe Urado did the rope work for this volume. He thinks it might have been done by Kayama Shigeru.

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  2. Just send me an email and I'll send you a pic of their flyer. Email button is over on the right...