Friday, November 22, 2013

SM Safari Summer and Fall Edition

I mentioned the above mag in this post. I saw it at the Aratama bookshop in Jimbocho but it was out of my price range. Since then, I've been on a couple of SM Safaris to the secret shop closer to me which, though the store itself is pretty big, does have a much smaller selection of SM mags.

But, the prices are smaller, too, and I found this special edition of SM King magazine for a very reasonable price, indeed.

I mentioned in the other post that these magazines with Tani Naomi in them really have their prices jacked up but, for some reason, the secret shop has prices that are lower than anything I've seen -- even online.

Case in point: this coffee table photo book featuring models Aizome Kyoko and Misaki Leila. The title is Hi Zakura no Oryu  (緋櫻のお竜). The price I have seen online for this one is orders of magnitude greater than what the secret shop was selling it for.

Hi Zakura no Oryu, 2000
If you look to the right of the title you will see the name Dan Oniroku. Almost everything I picked up in the last two SM Safaris had Dan Oniroku involved in their production in some way. The man was indefatigable.

A few samples.

This next one is much smaller (and lighter). The title is Ai Yakko. It's mostly photos. Not sure if you'd call this a magazine or a mook.

AI Yakko, 1972

Next is Fuzoku Jidai Kinbaku (風俗時代緊縛). I'm not sure but I think this came out around 1972 as well.

Fuzoku Jidai Kinbaku

That does it for the SM Safari during the sweaty summertime. Now let's move on to the one that took place more recently, after things had cooled down considerably.

Scanning is a pain in the ass so I usually resort to just taking sample pictures with my DSLR. However, I got lazy this time and all I've got here are the covers.

First, the aforementioned special edition of SM King magazine. There are other models in here besides Tani. Some of the photos are real classics.

I was also able to find this nifty little collection of Kekko Kamen manga by Nagai Go. I love this guy! The concept behind the naked heroine Kekko Kamen and innocent school girl victim Takahashi Mayumi is deliciously debauched.

Only trouble is, Kekko Kamen always shows up a little too soon.

Kekko Kamen by Nagai Go

To wrap things up, here's a book of SM art featuring Ozuma Yoko and others. The title is pretty unwieldy in English, so here's the Japanese: 秘婉 女の嬌羞美を究める

The book is connected to SM Secret Novel (SM秘小説) magazine in some way, apparently. Every issue of SM Secret Novel I've seen has had exquisite cover art. I'm guessing these are reprints from the magazine.

秘婉 女の嬌羞美を究める, 2011, front cover
Back cover
I lied. Here's one for the road; this one by Ozuma Yoko.

The art of Ozuma Yoko
And they threw in a free issue of SM Net magazine. Nice folks.

SM Net magazine, Feb. 2013
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