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Nomoto Miho and Nagaike Takeshi

Back in 1995, a company called Kaioh published a bondage photo book featuring nude model and actress Nomoto Miho. The book's title was Rope -- Miho Nomoto Photo Album. It appears the book is now out of print and available only secondhand.

The cameraman was Garo Aida, a very experienced and prolific photographer of the naked female body.

Nomoto was born too late (1974) to have been involved in the pink movie business. It looks like she first came on the scene around the same year her book came out. And while her photos were most certainly shot on film, I'm not sure the same can be said for many of her movies. Video had already gotten a firm death grip on the industry by then.

One of her flicks stands out as it was based on a Dan Oniroku story. The English translation is pretty messy but I'm calling it Female Teacher -- Revenge of the Flesh.

Female Teacher -- Revenge of the Flesh, 1995
This one came out in 1995 and the VHS was released by Japan Home Video. I don't know if there was ever a theatrical release. The movie also starred veteran actress Saotome Hiromi. (Note: Some sources list 1997 as the release date for this video).

Here's a nice blog with lots of screen caps.

An interesting thing about this video (besides the obvious) is that Nagaike Takeshi was the bondage guy. This is basically the same role he played with regard to Nomoto's photo book. Also, SMpedia says Dan Oniroku was an advisor on the book.

Now, we know Dan went way, way back and made SM pink films in the 1970s through his Oni Pro organization and even earlier with other producers.

Nagaike (born in 1945) only apparently came into contact with Dan sometime in the 1990s although he had formed a bondage organization called AMS (Amsterdam [later Adult] Mate Society) in 1977. There was apparently a chapter in San Francisco for a time.

Nagaike has always been an enigma to me. I first found out about him when he made some videos for B&D Enterprises in Southern California. According to SMpedia, four of these were made.

Nagaike Takeshi, Rope of the Rising Sun, 1997
Nagaike Takeshi in the US
In my years in Japan, I think I've seen in person or actually met just about everyone who is anyone in the SM world -- but not Nagaike. His public activity seems to have been limited and sporadic. I haven't seen anything from him since he made a series of tutorial DVDs in 2002.

He was again the bondage advisor on another video in 1997 which was also based on a Dan Oniroku story, Female Teacher -- Cage Love.

Female Teacher -- Cage Love, 1997
But back to Nomoto.

Unless my information is incomplete (and it probably is), it looks like her adult career petered out about 10 years ago. Pirate scans from her photo book were popular on the internet not long after it was published it would seem.

Nomoto Miho scans from her photo book
Sources report she also made several films in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I'm only familiar with this one Golden Harvest Category III film called The Peeping Tom from 1997.

The Peeping Tom, Golden Harvest, 1997
Fortunately, Nomoto was bound and gagged in the film (at least I think this is her).

Scene from The Peeping Tom, Nomoto Miho (?)
This was quite a worthwhile film but when it came to the best scenes, it looks like a local actress was called in. Not that I'm complaining.

Scenes from The Peeping Tom, Golden Harvest, 1997
Two days from now, Nomoto Miho will be 38 years old. Happy Birthday, sweetie. Thanks for the memories.

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