Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Okura Film, Spies and Chastity

This film, Spies and Chastity (Supai to Teisho), was produced by Okura Mitsugu and distributed by Shintoho in 1960. It was directed by Yamada Tatsuo. The principal actresses appear to have been Masayo Mari and Shuntaro Emi.

I was only able to find one teeny tiny picture of the theatrical poster which I've enlarged here so it's a bit fuzzy. Below are a couple of other pics from the film which are scarce, as is information in general concerning this early Okura production.
Spies and Chastity, Okura/Shintoho
Spies and Chastity, Okura/Shintoho
That's about it for this one -- unless further information comes along later, of course.

UPDATE (2012/10/10): The actress identified above as Masayo Mari should probably be Masayo BANRI. I came across her in the first ever Zatoichi cinematic release, The Tale of Zatoichi, from 1962. I checked out her JP Wikipedia entry which contains a filmography and also this site which is all about her. I believe she is the bound girl in the above photos. She also appeared as an exotic dancer in a 1958 Toho film called Kenpei to Yurei. A scene from this film is on YouTube and it's pretty spicy for the time period. Oh, and here's another filmography for her which also has her name written in katakana which would seem to confirm that her family name is indeed Banri.

In the meantime, I have a folder on my hard drive labeled Pending. It's packed with photos I've been collecting over the course of my numerous incursions into the musty attics and cellars of cyberspace. Some of these photos I've deposited there with a possible future blog post in mind. Some are there because, though interesting, I have no idea what to make of them.

Well, the Pending folder was starting to bulge at the seams. It was time to release some of that pressure and make room for more oddities.

Let's start with a couple of retro SM photos.

A torture scene whose origin I am unsure of
Same as above but probably from a different source
And then there are these retro strip/showgirl photos I've been accumulating but haven't had any reason to use.

When I found the below photo, it was labeled tokudashi but I'm not sure if it is connected to the 1975 Ike Reiko film Kigeki Tokudashi Himo Tengoku.

Originally labeled "tokudashi"
Here is the theatrical poster for said film which was put out by Toei.

And here's a closeup of Ms. Ike in her blonde wig.

If anyone has additional details concerning the two SM photos towards the top of this post, I'm all ears.

Relevant link(s): Sangre Yakuza (Spanish blog)

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