Monday, July 23, 2012

A Tale of Two SM Films

I came across a couple of additional photos while researching the film referenced in the previous post, History of Japanese Torture Punishment. I wasn't a hundred percent sure these photos were from that film (and I'm still not), but they look like good candidates so I thought I'd go ahead and run them here for your consideration.

The actress in the above photo appears to be the same as the actress we know appeared in the 1964 film who I believe was named Mori Misa. It's not particularly relevant to this post, but I seem to recall reading that there was some controversy surrounding this actress as she may have been underage at the time.

The photo below is even trickier but the length of the actress's hair, the pattern of the ropes, and her clothing (what there is of it), provide some evidence in favor of this being  the same girl.

Update: Mystery solved (probably). Thanks to this site, it appears the above pictures are actually from the 1966 film, New Torture Punishment History of Torture, which I'm assuming was a sequel to the 1964 film. They were both directed by Komori Kyoshi.

Is it the same actress? I don't think so. Here is a link to the cast of the 1966 film. The name Mori Misa does not appear in the credits. However, Katori Tamaki, the actress who appeared in 1962's Flesh Market, did star in this SM flick.

And now I've found the reference to the actress's age (from the 1964 film). It does say that Miss Mori Misa was but 17 at the time the picture was made.

I am, of course, left wondering whatever happened to Miss Mori. Assuming she was 17 in 1964, that would make her about 65 years of age now and a pensioner. I've done the standard Google search using the kanji/hiragana versions of her name but, from what I can tell, she only appeared in this one film. I'm not sure that's right, though, based on the blog post I linked to above.

Someone by the same name appeared in a few films in the late '80s but, for now at least, I'm discounting any possible connection.

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