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Interesting TV Show from the Early '80s

I've been sitting on these photos for a long time because I had no clue where they'd come from.

Now I know.

This was a program that ran on TV Asahi back in 1982 and was apparently co-produced by TV Asahi and Shochiku, another venerable film company with a history going way back in Japan. 

Copyright TV Asahi/Shochiku
The program's runtime is listed as 180 minutes. It seems to have been divided into two parts but I can't tell if it ran all at once or if it spanned more than one night. I'm assuming it ran late in the evening, after the kiddies had been hustled off to bed, due to the subject matter.

Copyright TV Asahi/Shochiku
Now, I'm really bad with names, even those of famous actors and actresses and this is especially true when it comes to performers in the non-SM world. But a couple of the leading actors are listed as Amachi Shigeru and Igarashi Megumi. I'm pretty sure if I looked them up I'd find a couple of amazing filmographies, but I'm not going to do that right now.

Copyright TV Asahi/Shochiku
More interesting to me is the fact that veteran pink and roman porno actress Miyashita Junko (宮下順子) appeared in the show appeared in one of the shows of this series (not this particular one).

Copyright TV Asahi/Shochiku
Update: Upon further investigation, this turns out to be a long series of shows based on the writings of Edogawa Rampo. For lack of a better translation, it seems to be known as The Beauty Series. It ran on Saturday nights from 1977 to 1994. The photos above would be from just one of the episodes. Each episode had the word "beauty", or a derivative, in the title.

Regular TV did not shy away from showing breasts in those days and this program definitely has the goods. 

The woman in the photos being menaced by the razor sharp blade had her bra cut and her nipples revealed. Another scene has a nude woman taking a bath as a scary figure leers at her through a window.  Yet another scene has a topless victim hanging upside down from a tree. And so on...

Copyright TV Asahi/Shochiku
YouTube seems to have many of these programs, if you can navigate the haphazard links. This is as good a place as any to start.

Miyashita Junko appeared in this issue of Seijin Eiga (Adult Movies)
Miyashita Junko, without a doubt, deserves her own post, but for now I'll just mention that she also appeared in some well-known SM films. 

Dan Oniroku/'s Rope and Skin, 1979
She was in Nikkatsu's Rope and Skin ( 団鬼六 縄と肌) with Tani Naomi in 1979 and was the leading lady in Nikkatsu's Ito Seiu biopic, the 1977 Beauty's Exotic Dance: Torture! (発禁本 美人乱舞 より責める!).

Beauty's Exotic Dance: Torture! Nikkatsu, 1977
Miyashita was born in Tokyo in 1949 making her 63 years old at the time of this writing.  As is often the case with actresses who continue in the biz, she transitioned to mainstream television work and, according to her Japan Wikipedia entry, is still active as of 2012.

The episode of The Beauty Series Miyashita appeared in is here.

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