Monday, March 26, 2012

Tani Naomi in Playboy and Adam Film World

I have read that Tani Naomi appeared in a Playboy magazine feature called "The Girls of the Orient" in 1968. I have no reason to doubt this but I still haven't seen the goods. Since it was Playboy, I'd be surprised if any of the photos were of Tani in bondage.

Sometime in the '70s, the now-defunct Penthouse magazine ran a series of Japanese bondage photos. I seem to recall reading that they were taken by a well-known photographer in Japan so I guess Penthouse just bought the rights.

A friend of mine had that issue and I was able to get my own copy later at a used bookstore. I don't know what happened to it, though. I guess I just wasn't anticipating the invention of the internet, and blogging, back in those days.

Adam Film World from 1975
I'm pretty sure Ms. Tani also appeared in an issue of Adam Film World in the 1970s. I had that magazine but I didn't know who she was then and I can't remember the name in the accompanying article. Of course, I neglected to hang on to that mag as well.

I do remember a couple of the photos. In one she was either naked or scantily clad, on her back, and being ravaged by a group of men. In the other she was topless and bound with her arms behind her back. She was kneeling and her lower body was covered by something.

The cover photo above says, "Queen of Samurai Sex Flicks". That issue of Adam Film World came out in 1975 so the date is at least in the ballpark. Tani has been called the "queen" of this and that. The "samurai" part may have just been tossed in there by a lazy hack.

Tani Naomi -- publicity still from Wife to Be Sacrificed, 1974
I only have a vague recollection of her face from the magazine. I guess I was concentrating more on her other assets. The thing that stands out for me is no other picture I have seen since of Tani matches those early black and white photos. If that was her in the magazine, those pics would seem to be rare indeed.

Adam Film World loved nasty foreign flicks. The issue I had contained a great photo of a topless girl, shackled outside between two posts, being whipped by a fat, bald guy. Think that one might have been from Italy.

The above cover photo has, of all things, the 1971 George Lucas sci-fi film THX 1138. The blurb above the picture says, "Zoom to Japan for Hell's Tattooers", possibly referencing the 1969 Ishii Teruo film which sometimes carries this English translation.

Inferno of Torture/Hell's Tattooers -- Toei, 1969

And another look at a cover of Adam Film World, this one reporting on "kinky-sexy" kung-fu movies.

I miss Adam Film World.

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  1. GREAT blog! I hope you're still posting here. I've been working on two Pink film poster databases here on Blogspot (pre- and post-1990), as well as a non-Pink (mostly) "Hail, Hail Boobpedia" blog.

    Naomi Tani actually did appear in Playboy, and I remember seeing it at the time, though I didn't know who she was then. It's an image of her in kimono, with a leg and breast exposed, against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji. Adam Film World reviewed lots of her Nikkatsu films in the '70s, and I've managed to retain a few of those from the old days, and I've scanned them into my Pink film blogs.