Sunday, January 8, 2012

SM Safari: Poster Hunting

While out looking for posters I came across one at a shop in Nakano Broadway of Horrors of Malformed Men (江戸川乱歩全集 恐怖奇形人間) directed by Teruo Ishii. The film was produced by Toei and came out in 1969. This poster was selling for over 30,000 yen!

 I also spied this rather interesting shop sign.


  1. The shop sign is for Taco Che, which is quite a famous 'alternative' book shop; they even host small exhibitions by the likes of Trevor Brown.

  2. So weird.
    I've been to the same poster shop, looking for this exact poster !!!
    At the time (3 weeks ago), they had nothing really interesting, apart from a few classical Yakuza Eiga posters. I was a bit disapointed but I still bought 3 posters.

    The other poster you saw attracted me to the book shop, Taco Ché, where I met Ayumi, the owner. She started by yelling in japanese because I didn't put my umbrella in the right place, outside the shop. I said sorry in my poor japanese and then spent 3 hours inside...and bought quite a lot of stuff. We started to talk a bit in English, then she started to speak to me in a very good French when she discovered I personnaly knew a lot of artists she had work with or had done exhibitions of in her shop... Amazing place, I can't recommend it more.

    Your blogs are great and I learned a lot of stuff, thanks to your infos on Japanese SM retro items.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. It wasn't raining the day I went so I didn't get yelled at :-)

      Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for reading.